About Us

Syner Surge is a professional manufacturing company that specializes in the production of wide range Surgical, Dental, Beauty. With our products you are buying a tradition of quality, craftsmanship and service accompanied by the uses of the very traditional as well as latest manufacturing technology.

Our delivery commitment includes taking full responsibility. We offer competitive prices and hence are favorable to every market with 100% satisfied customers.
We believe in fair trade and have been exporting to many other countries.

 Our quality is well evaluated and we are a recognized international brand which is  yet to be pluralized and promoted.
 We are certified with local chamber of commerce and trade organizations.

We perfect in the master of this business i.e. export and are fully capable to meet the demands of our  international customers as per their own requirements.

If you need any further information about products, material, delivery time, prices, etc. please feel free to contact us
Mobile: +92 300 6105650
Email us at : info@syner-surge.com